APC- Air Pollution Control

AWP- Aggregates Working Party

BAP- Northamptonshire Biodiversity Action Plan

Bq/g- Becquerels per gram

C&I- Commercial and industrial

CA- Civic amenity

CD&E– Construction, demolition and excavation

CHP- Combined heat and power

DCLG- Department of Communities and Local Government

DPD- Development Plan Document

EA- Environment Agency

EEA- European Environment Agency

EfW- Energy from waste

EMAWP- East Midlands Aggregates Working Party

GDF- Geological disposal facility

GVA- Gross Value Added

ha – Hectare

HLW- High Level (radioactive) Waste

HRA- Habitats Regulations Assessment 

HWRC- Household waste recycling centre

ILW - Intermediate Level (radioactive) Waste

JMWMS- Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy

km - Kilometre

LATS- Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme

LALLW – Low Activity Low Level (radioactive) Waste

LLW - Low Level (radioactive) Waste

LLWR - Low Level Waste Repository

m - Metre

MCA- Minerals Consultation Area

MPA- Mineral Planning Authority

MPG- Mineral Planning Guidance

MPS- Mineral Planning Statement

MSA- Minerals Safeguarding Areas

Mt– Million tonnes

MWDF- Minerals and Waste Development Framework

MWPA- Mineral and Waste Planning Authority

MWMR– Minerals and Waste Monitoring Report

NCC- Northamptonshire County Council

NORM- Naturally occurring radioactive materials

NPPF- National Planning Policy Framework

NWP- Northamptonshire Waste Partnership

ODPM- Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

PPS- Planning Policy Statement

RIGS- Regionally Important Geological Sites

ROMPs- Review of Minerals Permissions

SA- Sustainability Appraisal

SCI- Statement of Community Involvement

SCS- Sustainable Community Strategy

SEA- Strategic Environmental Assessment

SEPA- Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

SPA- Special Protection Area

SPD- Supplementary Planning Document

SSSI- Site of Special Scientific Interest

STW- Sewage Treatment Works

t - Tonnes

tpa- Tonnes per annum

VLLW – Very Low Level (radioactive) waste

WCA- Waste Collection Authority

WDA- Waste Disposal Authority

WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

WPA- Waste Planning Authority

WtE- Waste to energy